NetApp Global Services: Large file uploads to cases

WARNING: Limitation of 4 GB files; File larger than 4GB use
and follow the best practices for uploading files through FTP

To Upload files:
1. Enter technical case number if not already supplied.
2. Enter local file name (or browse).
3. Enter remote file name.
To resume an interrupted transfer, use the same form input data (case number, file names) and check the Resume box.
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 2 and 3, Safari, Chrome.

Protocol:  http
*Case Number:   10 - 20 alphanumeric characters only.
*Local File: 
(This Site Requires Java Runtime Environment. If you do not see a box above, you may need to enable or install it. You can download it - Here).
*Remote File: 
Proxy:    Host:    Port: 
Resume:  if your previous transfer was not completed due to broken connection
(The application can handle "broken connection" automatically in most cases.)
*Indicates required fields.

For questions or comments, send email to