NetApp Case Data Upload Options

NetApp supports several methods for uploading data to support cases. Use the table below to select the best upload option for your data. For detailed information on all NetApp upload options, see How to upload a file to NetApp.

Note: At this time, FTP is still supported but will be disabled soon due to legal requirements.

Upload Options Encrypted Authenticated Size Limit Description
NetApp Authenticated File Upload

800 GB

Recommended for all upload types. Access through Web browser or command line.

NetApp File Upload Utility (Aspera)

400 GB

Use when a NetApp Support Site login is not available. Access through Web browser with the Aspera plugin or command line.


10 GB

Use only if other options are not possible or if you do not have a Web browser.

NetApp Support Site case attachment

25 MB

Upload from the case detail page on the NetApp Support Site.

SESG network upload (SFTP)

400 GB

Available for systems with active SupportEdge for Secure Government entitlement only. See How to upload Secure/SESG data to NetApp for details.

Email to support engineer (SMTP)

30 MB

NetApp accepts file sizes up to 30MB using email. Your SMTP limits might be lower. Email files to:

AutoSupport coredump and performance data upload

400 GB

For products that support AutoSupport upload, access through the product interface. Your Technical Support Engineer can upload these files types for you using AutoSupport On-Demand.